You can spend years trying to figure out how to use the telephone more effectively … or you can spend hours with someone who already has!


Fearless Phone Prospecting™

The Bottom Line

Here is what you and your sales team will learn in the Fearless Phone Prospecting Workshop:

How to develop new business by phone without any personal stress or aggravation—or causing any personal stress or aggravation for your prospects.

We show you how to be powerful without being pushy... how to be bold in action and...unstoppable. How to be fearless. In the end, you will know how to make prospecting by phone...enjoyable.

We show you some new ways to connect with people... ways that 98% of people that sell are not aware of... and because it's new, you will run into far less buyer resistance.

Most of the world thinks in terms of things they know... and things they don't know. But it's not that simple. There are also things you don't know that you don't know. And, these are the things that cause the most struggle and stress in our lives. We help you see them.

The first thing we show you is that much of what you have been taught about selling actually increases buyer resistance. Once you understand that...we give you new tools and show you...

  • How to... Connect with more people, more rapidly and more reliably.
  • How to... Create a clearing for real communication.
  • How to... Deal with self-limiting beliefs.
  • How to... Unlock closed minds.
  • How to... Make more calls.
  • How to... Meet more people.
  • How to... Open more doors.
  • How to... Close more Sales.
  • How to... Make more Money.
  • How to... Have more Fun.
  • How to... Get More Done.
  • How to... Live more Life.

You can spend a few years trying to figure out how to use the telephone effectively ... or you can spend a few hours with someone who already has!

We (I) could make a lot more money using the telephone... if only we (I) could...




Video Testimonials

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What People Are Saying

Kerry Atkinson, VP Sales, Buffalo Sabres

Bill Knoche is incredible. I’ve seen a lot of sales training over the years but I’ve never seen anyone with his insight into how prospects think. He shows you how to be different, how to separate yourself from the rest…put the customer first. Bill’s incredible talent for coaching and sense of humor made the program productive as well as entertaining. A great investment of time and money!

Bill O'Connor, Tower Group

Bill's program not only helped us all understand what we were doing wrong, he helped us understand why so much of today's sales training doesn't work with today's buyer. Knoche surprised us all when at the end of the second day of training he picked up the phone and started making live calls to our prospects. In about 90 seconds he had uncovered more information than we could get in 10 minutes, if ... we could stay on the phone that long. I watched as my sales people became "fearless". They were relaxed, confident, unstoppable, and they were having fun. Bill will be doing a lot more work for our company

Suzanne Cansdale, Golden Solutions

A man who will update you’re thinking and increase your profits. Not only will this outrageous, good-looking man simplify your life, he will guide your people down the more efficient path… your sales staff will definitely know how to get the job done without being pushy

Joletta Barrett, Tower Group

Bill is the 'Tradition Basher'. I love the way he breaks all the rules and explains how to open people up to have real conversations. He makes prospecting and using the telephone all ...simple. I wish I’d met him earlier in my selling career

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