You can spend years trying to figure out how to use the telephone more effectively … or you can spend hours with someone who already has!


Gokalp Gunay

William Miles, Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

I received nothing but positive response to the professional and enlightening presentations - you were able to "read" your audience and adjust the program content. There is no doubt as to the immense value of these inservices to my staff. Your ability to motivate the participants and build a rapport with them was outstanding.

Norman Schneide

Learned that to be effective on the phone, you must have FUN. Be consistent by making 10 new calls a day.

Karen Robel

Bill, I used to hate the phone; now I love it and actually have fun using it. I used to look at the phone and get sweaty palms and be full of fear and look for other things to do. Now I just get on the phone and ask questions. If they say no, I ask some more questions and just move on if they don’t want to talk.

Mary Vamvakias

I didn't know that I was supposed to have fun while I was making cold calls. I am new to sales and I have only made a few, so I did not have a style developed yet that needed to be changed. From your class, I've learned that the only style I need is to have fun and ask probing but non-threatening questions. You've also taught me how to get the secretary or receptionist to help me get to the decision-maker in a way that makes them feel like they do not have to be defensive.

Marantha Edwards

This program by Bill allows you to trust your gut - to be human and efficient. Learning to listen is a special talent that keeps you close to people and puts you in a better position to get the information you need.

Chuck Katis, Commercial Real Estate

What I like about your sales training stuff. 'It's conversational, not confrontational! I learned to listen to tonality, slow up my questioning 'tempo', identify what the prospect is NOT saying, be different and overall be effective.

Shelly Schreck, Plumbing Contractors Association

An expert communication coach who helps you learn new ways of talking to people. Learn how to say what you are really trying to say, to speak with a new kind of understanding, so that people will understand you.

Nancy Lorenzana

What did I learn? Turn over ten stones before your first cup of coffee. Keep going - NEXT."

Andrea Bendorf

This program reminded me of how fun selling is supposed to be. I learned to laugh at myself and with my prospects. Very motivating!

Melissa Hayes, Independent Health, Buffalo

Eye-opening creative workshop that taught me to turn phone prospecting into FUN.

Kevin Danwin, Teach, Ryan & Cable, Buffalo

I learned and saw how to have fun doing telephone prospecting. Great examples of 'dancing' with prospects. Having fun, natural conversations on the phone. I am getting more information and setting up more appointments than I ever have before, and best of all it is stress-less.

Janice Winfield

This is my first time at this type of seminar and a first time with a 360-degree turnaround in this field. At first, I didn't like telemarketing, but knowing it could be a great experience.

Steve Montgomery, Northwestern Mutual Life

Have fun; don't have to give your name. If you struggle a little and use a nurturing tonality, you can get a lot of information.

Julie Malone

I learned to be more comfortable doing cold calls - not to take it personally and have FUN. Also different techniques on getting information on the phone i.e., names, phone number, etc.

Jim Nelson, Exsell

The best part of the program is the live calls, but also understanding the concept that cold calling is nothing more than turning over rocks.

Jennifer Buehler, Personnel Work

The call’s I have made since your Fearless Phone Workshop have been 100% improvement; i.e., relax, tone of voice, have fun! Thanks Bill.

Michelle Buyea, Staub's

Hey, bud, I want you to know I am taking time away from my kid to fill this out, but anyway, I didn’t make any calls yesterday because I had back-to-back appointments. But today I got 5 appts. out of 10 calls. Now that beat even my record. The only thing I did different was slow down my speech (hard for me) and I didn’t give my name immediately. I really enjoyed your class by the way.

Allison James

Lots of good ideas. Changed my completely negative view of telemarketing to one of fun.

Bill McNamara, Riedman Corp., Buffalo

Pain-free Phone Prospecting. Simple, logical, script free and fun!

We (I) could make a lot more money using the telephone... if only we (I) could...




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What People Are Saying

Kerry Atkinson, VP Sales, Buffalo Sabres

Bill Knoche is incredible. I’ve seen a lot of sales training over the years but I’ve never seen anyone with his insight into how prospects think. He shows you how to be different, how to separate yourself from the rest…put the customer first. Bill’s incredible talent for coaching and sense of humor made the program productive as well as entertaining. A great investment of time and money!

Bill O'Connor, Tower Group

Bill's program not only helped us all understand what we were doing wrong, he helped us understand why so much of today's sales training doesn't work with today's buyer. Knoche surprised us all when at the end of the second day of training he picked up the phone and started making live calls to our prospects. In about 90 seconds he had uncovered more information than we could get in 10 minutes, if ... we could stay on the phone that long. I watched as my sales people became "fearless". They were relaxed, confident, unstoppable, and they were having fun. Bill will be doing a lot more work for our company

Suzanne Cansdale, Golden Solutions

A man who will update you’re thinking and increase your profits. Not only will this outrageous, good-looking man simplify your life, he will guide your people down the more efficient path… your sales staff will definitely know how to get the job done without being pushy

Joletta Barrett, Tower Group

Bill is the 'Tradition Basher'. I love the way he breaks all the rules and explains how to open people up to have real conversations. He makes prospecting and using the telephone all ...simple. I wish I’d met him earlier in my selling career

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